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        案例詳情 >>> Qibang Resin 齊邦樹脂

        Shandong Qibang Resin Co.,ltd is located in Linzi District, the famous city with history culture, the original place of the world football. The factory is in Qilu Chemical industry district close to the famous Qilu Petrochemical Ethylene Plant.
        The factory was founded in Sep. 30th, 2006. Total investment is RMB 60 million , Covering 15,000 square meters. With the capacity of 30,000 Tons solid petroleum resins annually.
        The main products are C9 petroleum resin,Hydrocarbon Resin,Coumarone ,C5 petroleum resin ,C5/C9 petroleum resin  widely used in paint and coating ,printing ink,color asphalt,tyre,and rubber products,hot melt glue and adhesive ,others.
        "Quality first, Sincere cooperation"as core concept , all Qibang staff will do our best to become the regional leader and create century foundation.

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